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There are at least 2 issues the clips will probably not overcome.....sticking calipers where corrosion in the piston area of the caliper can cause the pads to not retract....also the sliders can stick. You can use brake grease to lube the sliders after cleaning them. Check the boots over the pistons...if they are deteriorated...time for rebuilt calipers?

The other is a collapsed rubber flexline...these have a nylon (?) core that can overheat and melt closed...the application of the brakes overcomes the blockage...but the fluid cannot return to release the brakes. This can happen with a severely sticking caliper that produces a lot of heat.

If you think the brakes are loosening up some...might give it some time...might take time to overcome any corrosion in the piston or slider areas?

QUOTE=California98Civic;380701]Installed the clips. I did some low speed round-the-block testing. Maybe brake drag is reduced. I cannot tell for certain. Any improvement might be in the range of data noise? Or maybe that soft non-squealing metal on metal sandy -sound that I introduced is increasing drag. It's a very mild sound. But clearly one or two of the eight total possible contact points are in fact slightly skimming the rotors. Gotta go back in. Oh well.

They should fit. Before installing I searched the part number on the bag "H6001." Raybestos indicates that these clips fit the "1998 Honda Civic". And Amazon lists them as fitting my DX exactly, though they oddly also highlight the EX/Si (no mention of HX).

So they should fit. The error is mine, right? Any advice welcomed...

[EDIT: on a ten mile each way half freeway trip I noticed all sounds seem to go away at higher speeds. Maybe just drowned out by road noise. But after driving a higher speeds the sounds are gone even at lower speeds. Sometimes felt like a super quiet amazing coaster on rails (no brake friction noise. Still, will fine tune.][/QUOTE]

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