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Originally Posted by California98Civic
And I recently installed these Raybestos H6001 brake drag reduction clips. I like 'em, but I don't know how much of a benefit they really are. A certain brake drag sound during EOC is gone, though
I'll have to check into those! Do you find you have any extra pedal "take-up" or slop after installing them?

Originally Posted by California98Civic
If I am willing to very radically hypermile, I easily cross 70mpg on the city streets. But the taller gearing of the '93 CX/VX transmission, in truth, is not as ideal for city P&G...

P&G isn't advised with a turbo engine since shutting down under power leaves the turbo spinning at speed in a HOT housing, with no oil flow to lubricate the bearing and no coolant flow to cool the housing... not a good plan for long term reliability.

Originally Posted by California98Civic
Totally interesting. I did not know the Cruze Eco gearing was THAT tall. And they sqeeze 138 hp outta that 1.4L. I was already interested in the little car, now I'll have to obsess over it a little this evening.
Yep, that super tall 6th is the Eco's trump card. The standard Cruze manuals come with a 0.74 6th gear, same as the Eco's 5th gear.

Now that you mention tire sizes, the Eco has a 26.3" tall tire (215/55-17), so the effective gearing is pretty tall. At 60 MPH that little turbo motor is only spinning ~1857 RPM.

Originally Posted by California98Civic
I know, right? So disappointing. But I think part of the explanation is the US market's drivers, who expect "power."
When I worked for Transport Canada we had an Acrua EL (fancy Civic) that would rev 4000 RPM at 120 km/h (75 MPH)!
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