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Transport Canada Vehicle Use Study

I'm back (if anyone noticed that I was gone). Been routinely gettimg 60+ MPG in the VX ( I REALLY need to update my fuel log), and shooting for a sub 3.0 l/ 100km tank this summer. Have also hit a new personal best distance of 638 miles on 9.38 US gallons for 68 MPG US (81 imp mpg).

I just got a letter in the mail from Transport Canada that they want me to take part in a study for vehicle use, traffoc patterns and fuel consumption. Has anyone done/ is doing the Transport Canada Vehicle Use study for traffic patterns and fuel use? Any comments or opinions. They are asking me to pit a data logger in the VX (and 6000 other cars) to get vehicle use info. Anyone else done it? Think that they will believe the fuel economy numbers that they see?
Claims that all individual info is confidential.

I'm kind of interested in it, because at the end they can provide a detailed breakdown of fuel economy/ consumption, and even fuel used for different speeds, which would be quite cool to see for the VX. Should I throw off their whole fuel economy curve for everyone else?

Anyone else done it, or have comments?


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