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Everyone should learn about FP+ by LCD, Inc. It is unlike any fuel additive on the market, using a different main ingredient (I don't remember what). It's been around for many decades but only recently been revamped and offered to the average consumer over the internet. It is not a shock dose additive, but a maintenance dose product. I use 1.5 oz. every tankful.

Terry Dyson of Dyson Analysis has repeatedly expressed his positive opinions on FP+'s abilities as an upper cylinder lubricant, combustion chamber/fuel line/fuel injector cleaner, and a fuel pump lubricant. It also acts as a gas stabilizer, though some have claimed it's not so great at that. The home consumer makes up a small portion of their customer base, as the company usually sells in bulk to organizations (Durham Transportation school buses, Bay City, MI school buses, Government of Mexico, etc.). From what I can gather, their main business comes from school bus and trucking companies.

I've been using it for almost a year, though I can't give you any MPG improvement figures. I don't have any records of gas mileage prior to using FP+ so there's nothing to compare. They don't make any outrageous claims; FP+ *may* increase gas mileage because reducing combustion chamber and fuel injector deposits will make for a more efficient engine.

I am a believer because countless UOAs at the BITOG forums have shown improvement with Fuel Power. Tribologists there agree that it works incredibly well. Take a look at the website and the product analysis of FP+ and LC20.

I was planning on starting a whole new thread dedicated to getting people to try FP+ and observe any changes in gas mileage. I have a lot of faith in Terry who does my oil analysis, so some of that confidence spills over into the products he supports.

Buy it! I want to see objective data on this additive.

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