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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
Call me old-fashioned, but I strongly prefer the physical copy. You can take it to the car.

Based on what I'm seeing in the reviews about Haynes' manual for that year of Civic, I can't recommend it. I might, simply because it'll have everything you need for all the chassis and passenger area stuff, and a fair portion of the drivetrain and probably the brakes. But too many reviewers are saying the Haynes people phoned it in, and apparently the Chiltons manual is exactly the same. So bite the bullet, get the factory manual. I know you want inexpensive, but if you can avoid even one modest trip to the shop, you're ahead.
Thank you for reply. I'm sure you are correct about the Haynes/Chilton.

I will go for the factory manual.
Thanks for your help and for the links.
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