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Originally Posted by cbaber View Post
Sometimes when I am engine braking the fuel will not shut off. If I apply a little throttle and resume engine braking, the fuel shuts off. I am not sure if this is is actually happening or if the Scangauge is just having a little glitch.

I wouldn't sweat it to much. If you are engine braking you have no load (negative load?) on the engine and the cars computer is not going to deliver hardly any fuel if it isn't cut off.
What you describe is exactly the behavior the forester does. Ultra Gauge shows closed loop and 60-80mpg, slight tap on the throttle and then Ultra Gauge shows open loop along with 9999999. I can also feel a slight increase in deceleration.

Not much fuel but enough to harsh my grove. On sections where the computer does not shut off fueling I get 60-80 mpg, if I were to just coast at idle I would be getting 170+-50. Granted not not a large % of a hill but a bit of savings if aware of the behavior for no increase in travel time.

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