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Needless to say that I like this project, altough I'd rather use some Asian engine instead.

Originally Posted by JB3 View Post
next door neighbor is a VW restoration guy. Thats his 1974 beetle DD, has one of those autostick contraptions for a transmission, making it of little value I guess to VW heads.
crazy setup, a clutchless stick shift with an electrically actuated solenoid that operates a torque converter for an automatic 3 speed transmission
That transmission from Volkswagen was just a regular 3-speed non-synchronized manual, but had both a viscous torque converter and a dry clutch for the gear shifts. The clutch was only engaged when the driver touched the lever, with a photoelectric sensor like the one used in cars adapted to disabled drivers. There were also some versions which used the electric actuator similar to the one used in the cars fitted with the Saxomat automatic clutch, which had a centrifugal plate to keep the clutch depressed when idling and a vacuum-activated setup for the gear shifting, with an electric contact assembled at the shifter lever to release a vacuum solenoid.
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