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~40.75 mpg In my Elantra

Finally surpassed the 40 mpg mark for my 2012 Hyundai elantra. 380 mile round trip to Mathis Texas back to Austin. I even went through downtown Austin in rush hour and still managed to keep the tank above 40. My best previous trip was ~39 mpg. I felt like I could have pulled off a higher number had I not hit 5 lights at the end of the trip. No EOC at the light because it was 90+ outside and my girlfriend mandated the use of A/C.

Possible reasons for the increase.

1. I kept the car at an average speed of about 62-63 mph.
2. I added a revised underbody pannel from the rear axel back after my last trip south.
3. I may have had a favorable tail wind on the return trip.

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