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"I'm saving thousands of dollars, no kidding."

20,500 miles driven (some miles not represented on my fuel log for various reasons, including other people driving it), assuming $4/gal gas and my lifetime mileage of ~42MPG = roughly $1,952 in gas. Add in my $161/month car payment and you get to a total of $4,528 spent on my Yaris.

If I'd kept my (paid off) Ranger and driven the same miles with NO CAR PAYMENT at 16 MPG, I would have spent $5,125 in FUEL ALONE.

I saved around $600 while making car payments. If you add in the maintenance that I was going to have to do to the pickup (catalytic converter replacement: $1,000, clutch/slave cyl: $600, brakes: $250), you can see that I truly have saved thousands.

I'm positive your math will add up to something similar. Do it!
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