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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
I like the roadrunner sticker. Car is really nicely kept too. Somebody loves getting through the day in it. And the save cash. Good deal.
The sticker, which actually features Woody Woodpecker, is not a stock feature, neither the racing stripes, or the plastic hubcaps (from a Volkswagen Gol G4, a redesigned hatchback version of the Volkswagen Fox from the 80s) with fake chrome, or the roof rack (from a Fiat Uno), or the window-mounted weathershields.

Too bad nowadays many don't get its stock engine anymore, since getting the stock crankshaft is not so easy, there are few NOS ones remaining. Many are repowered with Volkswagen flat-4 air-cooled engines, a few ones with the Renault-based straight-4 Ford CHT engine (I've seen one with the 1.6L version), and there's even one with a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 engine. But it's not easy to find a replacement engine which wouldn't decrease the mileage, at least in heavy city traffic, while in highwway a bigger engine with a taller gearing improves the mileage. I'm a long-time enthusiast of Gurgel cars, and I still hope someday to build a replica (getting an original one is extremely hard).
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