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RH77 To answer your questions
Yes I do oil changes on the Golf. Rotella T Blue bottle (synthetic) works GREAT for 03 and older (ALH). it is $14 for 4 qarts at Wall-mart. Blue Rotella T is not aproved for the 04+ PD cars, but many people run it anyway. Approved oil is around $7 a quart so that makes it around $45 for a change. You have to bear in mind that oil changes are at 10,000 miles so that typically comes out cheaper (or similar) to a gasser (unless you go to the stealership)

My car had a Timing belt done JUST before I purchased it (was overdue). He used the PD Belt and tensioner, so that's good for another 100,000 miles. I'll change it myself if I keep the car that long.

If you are after MPG get an ALH, typically (real world) they get 5~10 mpg better than the PD. and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES buy an auto, -10~15mpg.

As far as starting, running and driving these cars are rock reliable, now as far as widow clips, door switches, and factory radios are concerned, well lets just say YMMV.

TDI Club is a great site, my only complaint is that some members drill doom and gloom on others if they don't do things to a T how they think they should be done.

All and Alll I LOVE the TDI. I get significantly better milage than my Prius driving friends, burn Bio now and then, and paid about 1/3 what they did. (Not Prius bashing here, I'd love one of those also)

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