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Hey Changzuki,

I am currently designing and building a kit car code named TIGON lol inspired by the Urba Centurion!

Thanks for sharing your car with all of us....

For TIGON I will be constructing my own body kit with a goal of less than .18 coefficient of drag that will be able to bolt up to any Triumph Spitfire or GT6 chassis! I am also hybridizing a 2 cylinder Yanmar engine for start stop, regen braking, and power boost. There are so many things I am doing differently from the original Centurion plans I decided to give it its own name. I guess I would consider the Urba Centurion a cousin to TIGON of sorts The car design has changed a few times as originally it was going to be a reverse trike design. I went back to simplicity for the sake of time and complexity with just utilizing the Spit/GT6 chassis only with relatively no modifications.

This way all Triumph Spit/GT6 owners could make use of the highly aerodynamic body kit if they desired all they would need to do is simply unbolt the heavy steel unit with 10 bolts and use those same bolts to put on my light weight composite body kit!

Anyways the TIGON build thread can be viewed in the Hybrids section of this forum here =

I wonder have you ever done any Cd testing on your Urba Centurion? The original Triumph GT6 is said to have a Cd of .32 and the Spitfire round-tail is .39 and square-tail coming in at .42

It would be very interesting to see just how much of an improvement your modified Urba Centurion was able to make on the original Triumph cars.

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