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Originally Posted by dremd View Post
I have a 3phase hub motor on my bike.
I got the motor from an e-bay auction for around $60
The controller I can't remember where I got from. (e-bike store online)
My batteries are (30) D size NiMh Tenergy batteries I think cost was around $150 for the pack (assembled it myself) I have over a hundred cycles on them now and they show no sign of slowing. My guess is still 300 cycles (one pack per year on a commute). I know that doesn't help, but well I guess I just wanted to share.

On the Idea front look for some cheapo Lead acid Sealed bats. I used 4 spotlight batteries ($5 each on sale)on an E scooter.

On the speed front, I can't move my feet fast enough to do more than 30mph (need taller gears) but I THINK you could sustain 35 witht he correct gears.

Mine draws 700 watts(ish) wide open and the efficiency spot appears to be 300 watts.

300 watts will get you 14mph unaided and 700 watts will do 19~20mph unaided.

I hope some of that is helpful to you.
Do you have any pics of the set up? What kind of speed using the 300 watts while pedaling can you get?
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