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I drive 55-60 mph on about 50 miles of interstate where the speed limit is 70 mph. I am always the slowest thing on the road. I can't draft semi's because they go too fast for me. I don't remember the last time I had to overtake another car.

My situation now is far different from a few years ago. I had a Honda Del Sol and I drove it 10 mph over the limit everywhere. 80 on the highway. Passing people left and right. I enjoyed the speed. But when I started my job and had to drive 500+ miles a week, while paying student loans, my situation changed. I realized that driving 70 vs 60 only saved me ~10 minutes. The fuel savings are far worth the hassle of leaving home 10 minutes earlier.

I hear comments like "You can't drive that slow here, you will get run off the road". Around Kansas City, MO that is not the case. In the couple years I have been driving slow on the interstate, only one time has anyone honked or directed any kind of negative reaction to me. A trucker didn't like that I made him slow down up a hill, and he gave me a nice honk as he passed me down the other side of the hill. So for me, I take those comments with a grain of salt. Going slow (legally) is not an excuse for someone to have a fit. I don't care who I offend, who I make slow down, or who I "inconvenience" while driving. The fact is, everyone is responsible for themselves out there. If you don't want to be caught up behind me on the freeway, pay better attention and merge sooner before you are trapped. There is no reason that a slow driver would cause problems, unless the other drivers are not paying attention. As drivers we all have an obligation to follow traffic laws and drive responsibly. Going slower than the speed limit doesn't violate those obligations. If other drivers have a problem, they can deal with it on their own. Other peoples' issues are not going to influence how I drive my car.
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