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Went to a Doctors appointment (routine physical) today. At the top of my driveway I was showing 3.6MPG. 3/10 mile at the stop sign at the end of my neighborhood I was at 21.5MPG. 2.5 miles down the road after my left turn I was pushing 50 MPG, from a dead cold start. At 20 miles when I made the u-turn to get to the Doc's I was showing 55.6 MPG indicated. By the time I got home after filling up a Wally World ($3.419 @ gal) I was showing 52 MPG indicated in my AT (6 speed dual clutch) Fiesta. 60% of that was interstate, in the right lane at just under 65 MPH. I coasted down the overpasses and every downhill section where I would not obstruct the flow of traffic.

I might have passed 1 car, had a gal all over my arse on the exit ramp but when I never touched the brakes, her SUV dropped back about 100 yards by the time I got to the merge coasting at the 45 MPH speed limit.

We are talking about an Interstate where at certain points, close to 100,000 cars pass over the same spot on two lanes every day (less than 2 seconds between each vehicle). It's a location thing with a lot of traffic density. Mix in some PTSD GIs coming home from combat zones as well as the rest of the idiots and I just don't see any benefit from becoming the hated rolling roadblock.

I especially don't like someone climbing up my arse on my bike. Generally I will stay off the Interstate, but there are times when it's the best of several choices. Other times you can get stuck and not move 1 mile in an hour. I get off on the frontage road where I64 goes from 4 lanes to 2 which is an almost perpetual 6 mile crawl even without an accident. Today it was a breeze but I have seen it in time to get off on Jefferson Ave and try to hit the light timing to get home through 15 lights in 7 miles.

Its a completely different story when I get outside my metropolitan area (only west), where you won't have any car within a mile of you on a 4 lane divided highway with a speed limit of 60 MPH, which is probably more like the rural areas some here enjoy daily. On I 64 the idiots will speed up to 75-80 to block you from moving to the left to let traffic merge at cloverleafs.

I guess it's just the difference between annoying the idiots or pushing them beyond their breaking point, which in some cases, is a real hair trigger around here, literally.