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Depends. If I have to go out during rush hour I travel at the speed the other drivers are going in the slow lane. Usually from 60-70 in the slow lane in a 65 psl. The highway is densely packed enough that if I were to drive 50-55 I would be causing an impediment and anyone wanting to travel any faster would have to merge into a lane where the speed is well over 70 without much room for it. I could shrug my shoulders and say it's my right to go slower and too bad for them who did not merge soon enough but that line of thought causes frustration, increased risks by other drivers and makes theirs as well as my drive less pleasant there is enough frustration in this world without me adding to it.

When off peak times I drive at about 55 or slower or faster depending on how I am valuing my time and what else I need to get done that day. When the highway is not packed it is pretty easy for someone to merge and I cause no back up.

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