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Originally Posted by justme1969 View Post
For imposing you will upon others that way. If you are capable of going the speed limit and take pride in obstructing traffic you are just as bad as the 100 mph driver in congested traffic. And just as dangerous! When I am towing and traffic builds up behind me I pull off temporarily letting it go.
I see no joy in frustrating other drivers or forcing them to do things on the road that causes road rage.
No thanks Ill maintain speed and wave as the normal traffic goes bye every day.
1. Driving below the speed limit is not imposing my will upon others. The idea that drivers need to "go with the flow" IS imposing YOUR will on me. Every driver is obligated to follow traffic laws and drive responsibly. There is nothing wrong with going a slower speed than the limit, especially because it is SAFER and more ECONOMICAL for me and everyone else.

2. Driving slow is not dangerous. The morons that eat, chat on the cell phone, and text are dangerous. People that can't look ahead down the road and anticipate traffic flow are dangerous. Those that follow other cars too closely are dangerous. Going below the speed limit is just about the safest thing you can do on the highway. Accidents and traffic jams are not caused by slow drivers. The accidents are caused by the fast drivers that fail to properly navigate the freeway at the speeds they choose to drive. Next time you believe an accident was caused by the slow guy, make sure and tell the cop that you merged into another car at the last minute and it's not your fault because of the slow guy in front of you. Let me know what he says.

3. Everyone has a right to the road, providing they are following the law. You need to respect someones choice to go 55, just as I need to respect people that feel the need to go the speed limit. There shouldn't be an attitude of spite towards people who chose to drive economically.

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