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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
If they can pass it's not really an obstruction.

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
And if they can't, tough noogie.

Originally Posted by night9 View Post
I feel like if drivers can't observe whats going on ahead of them and they get "stuck behind you" then its their fault for not being an attentive driver.
I somewhat agree with that, Just replace "Can't" with "Don't" and take this in mind; If people choose not to be attentive out of only thinking of their own selves (And their own selves only) instead of others then that's what they choose, And if I were to go and warned someone to not exceed the speed limit and he/she ignored me, Then that's what would've happened and I can't truly say I didn't indirectly warn him/her against a specific accident if he/she got into one.

Originally Posted by doviatt View Post
"Speed limit" is a limit. Period. Not a speed suggestion nor a minimum. It is the posted maximum limit to be lawful. The careful and safe respectful driving part is up to the individual drivers.
There should never be any peer pressure "to speed up" or worse, to break the law, in doing things as dangerous and complex as driving.
+1. And need I say that driving has killed more people in a year than airplane crashes? If anyone doesn't believe me, Look it up!

I don't hate the people who did this to me, But I hate that truck drivers tried to play "DUEL" With me; I did succumb to that pressure on at least one occasion before I started hypermiling but that doesn't mean it's right to bully others into doing dangerous things, Go pass me if it's safe!

And I haven't always been the most courteous driver nor the safest driver when I had the choice. So I may have to speed up a bit on occasion, To not be inconsiderate (Though I still feel better going 37ish than 55 on non-highway roads)

Highways are not single-lane roads, You can pass me on them (Traffic permitting) and I might even slow down for you to pass me faster if traffic allows.