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Thanks for the advice everyone!

I like the idea of the buddy system when i can find one. Going 58mph, i pass at least 5 people doing 55mph or less in two hours, so there are people who make a conscious to drive slow. For me it's better to drive in front of them and have them be the "blocker" directing traffic around me. Then there's zero anxiety till i get used too it. So far at 58mph, i have a lot more reaction time, i'm more relaxed, and i have time to be aware of my surroundings and plan ahead.

Here's a good thread on why driving aware and slower helps ease congestion. Spoiler alert: It's the speeders and tailgators causing stop and go!

Lets be clear that in practice going 55mph will not cause a traffic jam, unless your driving in an innercity highway during rush hour, or just a really congested city. And often driving slower in those conditions is safer. But i don't want any arguments in this thread, (i can get plenty of them on the open road!). The problems people new to the concept like me face are anxiety, peer pressure, judgement etc.

I've found that seasoned hypermilers have a real Zen mentality and are very courteous waving people around them. It's almost the complete opposite of road rage and something to aspire to. When i first got my Insight i would drive fast cause i didn't want people to think my car was slow and underpowered. Now i drive slow because i choose to and it's OK.
I try to be helpful. I'm not an expert.

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