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Ok, yeah, we have TONS of blind on-ramps in southeast Michigan. They basically dump traffic directly into the slow lane and if you're not careful you almost run into people. It doesn't help that the 90's Grand Caravans with rusted out rocker panels and blown rear shocks take their sweet time speeding up. Probably because half of them are running on three cylinders and have a swealing wheel bearing... no, seriously. Detroiters drive really ****ty cars.

Usually the traffic in the right lane is going somewhere between 60-70mph here, so I try to make it up to 65mph, merge in back of the nearest person, then after the dust settles, I slow back down to 55mph and let people start passing me. It's all about being predictable, so merging smoothly is very important to maintain traffic flow. After the chaos of merging, it's easier to do 55mph without messing with people's feeble grasp on traffic patterns.

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