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Oh, I've already purchased it from them.. The funny thing was that they stated they were going to give me 1,646 for it, and I decided to keep it and they told me they would keep the auction price... I ended up with not only 1646, but another 600 on top of that ($1,646 after paying off the rest of the loan of $1,000).

Sadly, I was "hot rodding" it. Haha hot rodding in a geo xD. Anyways, I was running it hard and getting 30-42 MPG.

I just did refueled earlier today and it came out to ~38 MPG.

I want to do a few things with it before I start messing around with driving techniques though.

I want to:

-"Fix" the crater that is also known as a rear quarter panel (passenger side)

-Get a new exhaust (Muffler fell off a while back, I haven't bothered to replace it since I garaged the geo once I got my Taurus.)

-I will probably need to do an engine rebuild soon. It has ~305k miles on it and I was told a while back (when fixing my uncles mistake of dropping a nut down the air filter and not bothering to tell me!) that the 2nd piston has low compression. I really need to take a look at what it takes to rebuild an engine and also any mods I can do to it at the same time to get them done in one fell swoop. I am a "backyard" mechanic so I do all of the labor myself.

... Well let's just say it's my project car, that runs AND gets ~35-40mpg for now. Not too many project cars get that :P
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