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So last night, I dropped by Synkromotive to help Ives with some testing. We tried logging with the DataQ again, and it it kept failing, no matter what setting we used. Nothing seemed to help. We unhooked it, and Iím going to contact Customer Service. We need something to compare our measured values to.

We spent the rest of the evening getting the Old Tachometer (originally fed off the engine spark), to display the current on the motor side. Its pretty cool, as you give it gas, it displays current at a 50A per 1000rpm resolution. So 200A is 4krpm. Iíll likely print something to display actual A, but its great for testing. Its just a PWM signal to the original Tach line. Iím totally cool with keeping the stock look, infact, Iím HOPING to keep as much of a stock look as possible. Now I need to order a PB-6 to keep my original throttle, order a EV200 contactor and get the lights working.

David Boyd got the bike up to 60mphÖ wow! It was fresh off the pack, and pulled 300A or so up to 30mph, and then it started to dropÖ at 55mph, it was roughly half of that. Better gearing should help this, as less torque is needed. Weíll keep gearing what it is for now because weíre testing something new every day. I thought it felt kind of like a 250cc, but David said it actually feels more like a 500cc. I think the batteries are waking up a little too, so switching to new ones in the future, with higher current draw is definately going to help. This controller rocks!

I got a jacket the other day, and am going to pick up a Helmet this weekend. Insurance wonít be that hard (My agent has been really cool about helping me). Registering it should be ok, but Iíll have to have someone make sure they see it doesnít have an exhaust/was converted to electric so I can be excluded from DEQ. Iím also going to get a Motorcycle instruction permitÖ and keep my riding limited to daytime, with a friend. Just need to take the Knowledge test.
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