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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
What's your commute like? Distance/speeds/urban/rural/hilly/highway?

First bit of advice: get instrumentation. You want to be able to know your fuel economy on each leg of your commute - it will make it a fun challenge, and is critical for adjusting the nut behind the wheel.

That will mean MPGuino for your pre-OBD-II Geo.

My commute was interesting.

WAS: 12.4 Miles each way (24.8)
Now: 12.1 Miles one way / 11.5 Miles the other (23.6)

WAS: 55mph (roughly)
Now: Avg. of 35 mph (again roughly, no gauges)

Was: Urban. I work overnights so I have freeroam after work
Now: No idea, I've only driven it a few times so far

Was: Hilly-ish. A lot of ups and downs along 126. It would be perfect for P&G, unfortunately, the previous owner put bigger tires on it :S
Now: Pretty flat for the most part so it's not as easy to P&G.

I am thinking of doing a mix between highway and back road driving. I would drive the back roads during the day time (on my way to work) where I would drive under 45mph and I wouldn't be a nuisance in traffic for attempting P&G. Then at night time, I could take the highway and P&G.
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