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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Follow the slowest truck you come up behind. No slower. If the truck you are following passes an even slower truck. Then just stay behind that one. Stubbornly going too slow forces all the other slow moving vehicles that would normally just stay in line to use the left lane to get around you. Which makes everyone less safe. Cohabitate and cooperate on the roads. The slow line of trucks will be 2 mph under the limit. This is slow enough. Going any slower than this is just making a problem.
So semi trucks can decide how slow they want to go, but I can't? If a truck can only go 55 mph why is that acceptable and safe, but when I go 55 mph it's considered stubborn and less safe? I have the same right to the roads as a trucker does. And it is safer to drive slower. The idea that slow drivers are responsible for other drivers' mistakes is just plain wrong. Driving slow for the purpose of getting better fuel economy is not stubborn. The belief that everyone has to drive at least the speed limit is stubborn.

Show me an example where my safe, legal, and responsible driving at 55 mph would cause another person who is driving safe, legal, and responsible to have an accident, simply because I was driving 55 and they were driving the speed limit.

I get what you are saying, about other vehicles having to pass. Do I cause my lane to slow to my speed? Yes. But it's every drivers responsibility to navigate the highway safely. I'm not responsible for making sure soccer mom in her minivan maintains a certain average speed. I'm not responsible for accidents that happen because drivers around me make mistakes or practice bad driving habits (following to closely, merging with a car in the blind spot, etc.).

You have to understand, the people that want to drive faster are the ones responsible for merging safely and navigating the highway at the speed they choose. Slowing down for traffic, or having to pass is just how it works on the highway. It's common knowledge and in fact law in many states that the right lane is the slow lane, and the left lanes are for passing. As long as I stay to the right, I am not causing any problems while driving 15 below the limit.
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