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Originally Posted by cbaber View Post

You have to understand, the people that want to drive faster are the ones responsible for merging safely and navigating the highway at the speed they choose. Slowing down for traffic, or having to pass is just how it works on the highway. It's common knowledge and in fact law in many states that the right lane is the slow lane, and the left lanes are for passing. As long as I stay to the right, I am not causing any problems while driving 15 below the limit.
Amen to this. It is ALWAYS incumbent on the vehicle doing the passing to do it in a safe manner. Has nothing to do with the vehicle in front of him or how fast he is going.
Personally, I don't do 55 in a 65 or 70 zone but I do run no faster than 60 (my own personal comfort level). I try to stay out of the way of the maniacs in the left lanes () and only venture over there when some idiot () is running slower than I am and blocking the right lane.