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Okay, a quick update here. I stopped into Autozone (if any of you guys from Oregon stop in here, I HIGHLY recommend seeing Steve at the West 11th Eugene, OR store. He's an awesome guy who knows his stuff. Trust me on this one, I learned the hard way to listen to him :P)

I found that the report that the insurance "inspector" was not 100% accurate. It turns out that the body is bent. I have been having scraping noises lately and I looked around before and noticed my exhaust, or what's left of it, was showing signs of scraping from rubbing on the springs. Well... the scraping wasn't coming from that! As it turns out, when I got rear ended, the body was pushed up enough that it now scrapes the shocks.

Solution 1: Get a pull-a-long and just crank it away from the shocks... Which means a weak spot on the body.

Solution 2: Buy the 1991 Geo Metro that is on Craigslist for $250 (try for 150-200) and just transplant the motor into it. From the sounds of it, this metro is in "good" condition, but the guy ripped the motor out intending to do a rebuild but just never got to it.

By the way, I was wanting to create a post on my plans and ideas for my Geo / other cars but I wasn't too sure where to post. Could anyone direct me to the proper subforum? Would it be EcoModding Central?
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