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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
A group of vehicles is a consensus. Get in line and do not continually force a long duration pass by the next slowest, and very clumsy vehicles. 63 mph and following at 2 seconds will give better economy and safety than leading out on your own at 55. A lone vehicle that far outside the norm is an aberration. Other drivers are not expecting this on a super highway. Which increases risk to all. This cannot be denied. When I want to ride the scooter to work at 50 mph, I stay off of the interstate. Running that speed on a 65 mph interstate would completely rude and unsafe.

The state of Illinois disagrees with you, and has deemed a 20 mph spread between maximum and minimum speed limits sufficiently safe for all interstates outside the Chicago area, where maximum speed limits are lower. Interstate 72 pictured.


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