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I think ultimately it comes down to a free for all to the average person on the road, it's me me me. I'm to lazy to get up 10 mins earlier, to shave "before" I leave the house, I need to get over right now/need that exit 100 ft. ahead 3 lanes over, your not getting in front of me. One of my favorite is when they hammer the throttle to close a 10 car gap because you over took or were ahead of them in the merging lane.
I tend sit back and shaking my head at all the stupid unfolding all around me and do what I can to not become a victim of their stupidity.
I think at least 1/2 of them drive outside their skill level.
I tend to drive 5 over when theres open road ahead. On the freeway I'm usually in the #2 lane trying to leave the left lanes open for Speed Racer and not get caught up in the entry/exit people entering at 38 mph or using the freeway as the off ramp deceleration lane for a 1/2 mile.

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