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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
A group of vehicles is a consensus. Get in line and do not continually force a long duration pass by the next slowest, and very clumsy vehicles. 63 mph and following at 2 seconds will give better economy and safety than leading out on your own at 55. A lone vehicle that far outside the norm is an aberration. Other drivers are not expecting this on a super highway. Which increases risk to all. This cannot be denied. When I want to ride the scooter to work at 50 mph, I stay off of the interstate. Running that speed on a 65 mph interstate would completely rude and unsafe.
Again, I refuse to believe that I must conform to what everyone else is doing on the highway. This kind of thinking is dangerous, and it's exactly what leads to accidents in the first place. Every driver is different. Different skills, experience, vehicles, etc. We all have our comfort zones. If grandma in her Buick only feels safe at 60 mph in a 70 mph zone, who are you or anyone else to tell her she needs to speed up to be safe? Your "flow" idea means you believe grandma should be pushed out of her comfort zone, only to satisfy the "wants" of other drivers. Other drivers don't need to drive the speed limit or above. It isn't in our best interest to see that they do, either. It's in our best interest to respect everyone on the road. In grandma's case, let her drive at a speed she feels comfortable. I think we can all agree that is safer for everyone.

I know we have differing opinions about acceptable speeds on the highway, but what isn't debatable is that:

- As long as I am driving legally and safely, I can go as slow as the minimum speed limit and not be a danger to others (It's actually safer for myself. Any danger to other drivers will be caused by thier own mistakes!)
- Everyone has a right to the road so long as they are driving responsibly and legally
- We should respect everyone else on the road. Respect the faster drivers by staying right. Faster drivers need to respect slower drivers by safely merging and navigating the highway.
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