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Originally Posted by Matt Herring View Post
A friend of mine purchased an O2 sensor resistor that he added to his car and he swears he gets better gas mileage with the resistor (about 5 mpg better). I told him he probably is paying more attention to his mpg and driving more efficiently so his mpg went up.

He sent me this note that came with the part to describe the benefits of adding it to your car:

"With the new fuel injection systems of post-1980 vehicles lower mpg has been seen over time because the Fuel system runs too rich from the factory. The added resistor will automatically tune your vehicles Air/Fuel Ratio Mixture to run at stoichometric levels." It has TR-454 on the resistor as the part number.

Has anyone tried this mod with their car and what were the results? Is this a myth or something to look into? The part costs around $10 so it might be something worth trying even if it's at a $10 loss.
Do you have a link? Modern FI car are set to run at stoichometric. There are device that you run to the O2 sensor that spoofs it to run leaner then Stoichometric thus giving better mileage.
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