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There isn't a link for this to give you but this is the original email my friend sent me. I did not post the entire text earlier as I didn't want to make the original post too long. I think he purchased the part on Ebay but I also read somewhere that the part is available at Radio Shack.

Performance FUEL SAVER Part#: TR-454

What you can EXPECT from THE FUEL SAVER

- UP TO 25MPG or more added

- UP TO 70+ FT. LBS. of Torque

- UP TO 70+ Horsepower

- Faster 0-60 MPH Times

- Reach Higher speeds quicker

- Greater Acceleration

- 20+% Quicker throttle response time

- Smoother shifting

If you have multiple vehicles or just are constantly on the road or travel a lot, then this will save you a lot of money. look under my other listings to see if we offer some type of fuel saving device for your other vehicles.

What you will receive

1 Fuel Saving Module

1 Set of Step by step, Easy to read installation instructions

(Installation time is approximately 5-10 Minutes at the most)

24/7 Technical Customer Support

100% Money Back Guarantee! That's right! If your module doesn't perform as you expect it to, we will refund you 100% of the original cost.


And last but not least, 5-10 MPG Fuel Savings FOR THE PRICE OF A DVD Movie!

With all these benefits at such a low cost to you, how could you possibly go wrong?

How our module works

In all motor vehicles from the late 80's to the present time, engines run on fuel injection systems instead of the outdated carbuerated systems from the 60's and 70's. With the new fuel injection systems, we noticed a common problem among all vehicles with fuel injected systems. The Fuel system runs too rich from the factory. Our module will automatically tune your vehicles Air/Fuel Ratio Mixture to run at stoichometric levels. This in return will help you to save more fuel and since your vehicle will be tuned, you will gain horsepower while saving fuel! Since our module is inexpensive, it will pay for itself in the first week due to these high fuel savings! The best part is, you will not need a mechanic to complete the installation. With our easy to read, step by step installation instructions you will be able to complete the installation in 5-10 minutes at the very most! In fact, the installation is so simple, you will not even need any prior car experience to install our module. We guarantee you will notice the difference or your money back. The best part is the price. We can make our prices this low for the fact of having no Middleman, No supplier and we are not a company that resells for a major company. Of course we cannot guarantee you a SPECIFIC MPG rating, but we can guarantee you will see a 5-10 MPG increase in fuel savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My truck or car runs on diesel fuel, with this work for my vehicle?

Answer: Sorry, our module does not work with diesel engines.

Question: My vehicle is turbo or supercharged, will this work on my vehicle?

Answer: Sorry our modules do not work on turbo/supercharged vehicles.

Question: Will I be able to install the module by myself or will I need a mechanic?

Answer: You will be able to install this module by yourself! You will not need a mechanic to complete the installation. We include easy to read, Step by step installation instructions to complete the installation by yourself in less than 10 minutes and you will not need any prior experience. You will NOT be cutting, soldering or crimping wires to complete the install. The module is a simple plug and play installation. If you can plug a lamp into the wall, you will be able to complete the installation!
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