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If the vehicle is driven on relatively flat terrain, a manual transmission with four speeds is sufficient three was the norm for years. The problem is in most manual transmission the top gear does not get the rpms down low enough for best fuel economy. This seems to be the case whether equipped with a three, four or five speed. No personal experience with a six speed in a car. It’s as if the transmission is designed so under most driving condition you will not need to drop it down a gear. In the mountains it is nice to have multiple gear choices. In this case a 5 speed is better, especially if you have a low hp low torque car. Wouldn't it be nice if you had choices like the first four to be close ratio and fifth out in left field for economy.As gargantuan motors and the heard followers only want to sell the 20% of the vehicles that appeal to 80 % of the market. you are lucky to get what you want, to find it with a manual transmission a gem.

As for high gear count automatics just sounds more expensive to build and repair.

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