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Family car with good MPG?

I have a 98 Ford Taurus. I drive it nicely and get 22-23mpg with it, which is up to 6mpg more than its rated for. Its a comfy car and I like it.

Problem: Friday, it got rear ended. Whiplash for my wife and daughter who were in the car, minor scratches, and, of course, a blown transmission. I guess they just don't like it when you're in gear (automatic) and you push the car. Stripped out first gear in the trans.

So, I want to get something that's going to get better mileage to replace it. I doubt the insurance company will do anything other than total it. It'll cost $3k for a new trans, and its not worth that much (bad paint, body work problems).

I'm a big guy, 6'1" and my wife, daughter, and son are all normal size, but my daughter is a bit tall, and my 12y/o son is growing. I need something with the rear leg room that the Taurus had, but with a 4cyl and an automatic so its easy for my wife to drive.

I've see the Toyota Tercel Wagons, but I don't know if they are what I need. BTW I will probably have about $2k to spend so something new is out of the question.

What can ye suggest?

Thanks for any ideas!

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