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Gerhard does it once again. On CNG this time.

Over 2600km on less than 100 euro worth of CNG

Using a Skoda Citigo CNG - a half-brother to the VW up Ecofuel (and my GasDwarf) - Gerhard Plattner has driven 2619km from Vicenza, IT over the Alps, through 9 countries all the way to Stockholm, SE , merely using 2.39kg CNG / 100 km (NEDC : 2.90kg/100 km) and costing less than 100 euro overall .

Doing it on 100 euro (max) was the challenge - but he still had 9.93 euro in change and enough gas to go another 300km or so ...

Best tank : 2.04kg/100km

All CNG must have been H-Gas (CNG with High caloric value) though, to achieve this kind of numbers.

Looks like I have a long way to go ... even if we account for the lower energy in L-Gas (CNG with Low caloric value).

OTOH ...
I've done 7150 km on 50 euro (CNG and 2 US gal petrol)

Even if only because I'm about 1/3rd into the 500 euro CNG credit that I got from - the leading CNG supplier in Belgium - when I bought the CNG up!

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