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Wanting to Start an EV Project

Hey guys!

So I want to start an EV Conversion project but I've ran into one tiny little problem. No offense to all of you EV conversion pros but I haven't been able to find a very thorough "laundry" list of what is needed and a how-to.

I would be more than happy to do this myself but I would like to ask a few questions for all of you Backyard EV guys

1) What is the full laundry list of parts that I need?

I realize that this may be different based upon the car. But it will most likely be related to ForkenSwift.

Things I know I'll need:

~Motor Controller
~DC Converter
~Charging System
~Wires (I've read #00 Welding cable???)

Oh yea... And I think I'm missing something.... oh yea an electric motor!

Anywho, I would greatly appreciate any and all tips that you guys could give me!

Oh and one last question that I forgot to add! I have a question from the beer budget EVs. How much would you estimate your EV build would have been if you were charged $25 a battery?

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