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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post

I'm not abdicating my responsibility.
No one is suggesting you are irresponsible. But from what you first described...

Couple that with, for instance, my geriatric truck full of firewood at rush hour, and you have to hope that you can find a gap big enough to stuff your nose into because you just won't be going at full speed when the ramp runs out. You won't, and there's no way to change that. At this point you're relying on the charity of other drivers, sometimes in vain.
That indicates that you are having difficulty in merging successfully. You need not be up to full speed immediately, but you do need to merge smoothly and be able to accelerate once you do merge.
The Driver's Handbook - and when did that thing break 100 pages? - states that right of way is never granted by state law, but state law does indeed define when right of way must be yielded. I like to think that common sense and mutual respect between persons would also suggest when right of way should be yielded.
Yes, the law defines when right of way must be yielded. If common sense and mutual respect were all that is needed the definition as stated in law would not be necessary. Unfortunately, confusion over who has right of way sometimes can actually result in an accident. I see many drivers who apparently are clueless over what right of way is, and apparently do not know what a "yield" sign means.

I'm pretty good at this driving stuff. No one's ever run into me because I didn't know my vehicle's limitations. Please don't imply that.
There is no implication. I said "I hope" - not "I suspect". If you can't get your "geriatric truck full of firewood" up to speed reasonably quickly while carrying a full load, it could be a possibility.