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Well... so far the only things that I have found withina reasonable price in my area would be a forken... sorry, a Geo Metro (I have one but it would not work since the body is bent and rubbing the shocks. Even if I straighten it, I wouldn't want to risk the durability of the body with the load of batteries.) and a 1980 Trecel.

Mechman, I actually read your entire thread on your journey to your eMX-3. The part in particular that I would love to hear your opinion on is the batteries. I know that you ended up switching to AGMs because your "surplus" was just badtruck batteries xD.

The question I have is this:

My uncle owns a dealership in town. I ran into him the other day and told him about my idea and he told me that he would sell me the batteries at cost ($25!). Mind you, I don't know the exact rammifications of this (the are "reconditioned" with a garauntee that they are in working condition with "several" years left on them, haha... not with an EV in mind ). I figured that I probably wouldn't have as much power and possibly less range. The idea though is to get this started, then the money that I would normally put towards gas goes towards electricity, and the left over into a "buy awesome batteries" piggy bank.

Ideally, I would love to get a 50 mile range of speeds upwards to 55-60mph ( I would almost never go that fast, it's simply if I HAVE to go on the freeway for some odd reason, like road closures, etc.) so a range of 50 miles at around 37 mph average (speed zones here are 40mph -a good portion- 35mph -a majority - 20mph -short duration- and 45 - not even a quarter mile, I would probably just go 35 in this area anyways)


Speeds up to 35mph
Range: 30 miles
eMPG: 60+ (My geo even in it's dead condition and no mods/driving techniques is at 38mpg)
Safety! (who needs that!)

Would like (ultimately):

Speeds up to 65 MAX cruising speed. (Simply to show off to friends and family. Practicality, 60mph)

Range: ∞ (just kidding! But seriously that would be a nerdgasm!) 50+

eMPG: 100+
Safety ( Again, what?!)
Luxury!!! (Heater/ cushy seats / nice custom interior / sweet paint job!)

Okay, with luxury, I'm sure I could get the heater, MAYBE seats, and I've got a buddy that does custom paint jobs! (maybe could show up in springfield/eugene area on another EV!) Interior... Well I always wanted to try my hand at wood working but I think it would be best if I went with an ultralight plastic or fiber.

Anywho, if you are thinking that my eyes are a bit bigger than my stomach... Probably :P
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