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It is still good information to have.

Let me put my "plan" for an EV conversion down so you guys understand where my line of thinking is.

I intend to do the conversion on a beer budget. A mix of looking for a used sit-behind electric forklift (so I can scrap that baby afterwards!), and perusing craigslist. I've found some interesting electric motors in my area for under $200 but I know little to nothing about EMs so I haven't really jumped at them.

Howard 2 hp electric motor

5hp 3 phase electric motor (most appealing to me so far)

Anyways, original plan is to get a forklift, get the needed parts, scrap the lift. This will be either before or after I choose and buy the donor car for the conversion depending on if I can find one of the other for a great price. I have a hook-up for batteries (my uncle owns a dealership and will sell to me at cost of a whopping $25/battery!).

The electric rates in my area are $0.0514/kwH and basing the next bit of information off of the eBooger, that would mean a total increase to ~$107.38, which would still be about $130 cheaper than my current gas-gussling car. That includes the PEAK of my electric usage during winter (never above $35, including the $9 delivery charge.)

What I would do with that extra $130, save 1/2 of it to invest, the other 1/2 into an "EV Upgrade" account which would get me nice things such as new batteries, upgraded motors, better controllers, better chargers, better etc. xD

So I am starting off with a beer budget but the end goal is the sky.
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