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Lots of cars (maybe nearly all?) do that. I think it's emissions related.

Why do you want to eliminate it? It won't consume a lot of fuel and won't be hurting the engine.

Assuming you do want to eliminate it:

It will be written into the ECU programming so to get rid of it cleanly would require access to the ECU mapping.

As a work around, do you think a switch on the idle air control valve that disables it for a few seconds after start up might work?

The idle control valve may a have a 'position learn' cycle at 'key on' so you might have to allow that to occur before disabling it.

You may get a fault code set by doing that but I think IAC operation is pretty tolerant with respect to setting fault codes.

Does that model Jeep use a stepper motor for the idle control? If so, that will have two motor windings that would have to be disabled.
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