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Originally Posted by AbeisAverage View Post
The car is new, it should be more than capable of handling lower octane fuels. It is just up to the discretion of the owner. People keep saying it will net lower mpg number I am just curious as to how much of a difference it would make.


The car is built to run on premium, it's a forced induction performance car. If you ad 87 it will knock, even if you don't hear it, and pull timing. The computer will add the timing back in, causing knock again then pull timing. It will continually do this because the ecu doesn't know you put crap gas in it.

OP that bumper looks terrible. You have a brand new STI that looks like it was wrecked already. Plati-dip doesn't stop rock chips totally, but you will find plenty of other places that will get chipped up as times goes by.

You may be able to use just the Glossifier instead of the regular plastidip.

Edit: Here, pretty reasonable


Don't know why it says 00, it's a 95
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