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For comparison of FE by displacement and rpm look at the mass rate of flow. That is how many cc per minute of air/fuel mixture is going through the engine. Compression ratio, air drag, and weight all affect FE. What you may want to ask is the total average annual cost per mile. This includes fuel cost, depreciation, and the value of your time spent on the road.
In Northern climates traction in snow and wind chill are key safety issues that need to be seriously addressed. Dual purpose tires, a full fairing, and a heater would be necessary on a motorcycle. An electric mountain bike with a Mullen fairing is the cheapest outlay but you need to value your time on the road. If you build your own Vetter style full fairing the drag will be cut in half so range or FE will increase by 50%.
Driving overtired is like driving drunk.

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