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Lean and Mean - '98 Honda Civic HX
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Lean and Mean - 1998 Honda Civic HX Project Log

From now on this thread will be used to document the ecomodding journey of my 1998 Honda Civic HX. I've owned the car since 2010 and it has served me well so far. The journey started about in 2011 when I got a new job 50 miles away. I went searching for ways to improve my fuel economy and found this forum. The goal for this car is to keep a low-profile appearance (no crazy aero mods) yet achieve good fuel economy without diving too deep into advanced hypermiling techniques.

Overview: 1998 Honda Civic HX
1998 Honda Civic HX. 220,000 miles and counting. I bought the car with 125,000 miles. The car is mostly stock besides aftermarket wheels that were on the car when I bought it. I had to replace the engine due to low compression at the 163,000 mile mark. Since then I've completed some major repairs like a faulty headgasket, snapped timing belt, and some other general maintenance tasks. It's been quite a journey, but I've learned so much about the car in the process.

Click here for full vehicle specs & more pictures!

The Goal
As I already mentioned in the introduction I want this car to appear stock but achieve fuel mileage well in excess of the EPA rating.

1. 50 MPG - Goal Achieved 4/11/2014 50.53 MPG
2. 60 MPG - In progress

Current Modifications
Tires at max sidewall pressure +3 MPG
ScanGauge II
Power steering delete
VX/CX transmission swap
Upper Grill Block

Planned Modifications
Alternator delete/externally charged battery (Cancelled)
Lower grill block
OEM spoiler removal
OEM antenna removal
Restore wheels to factory HX with LRR tires

Fuel Log

1998 Honda Civic HX - My Project Thread

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