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Well I think it might be finally time for the new battery. After I got the battery relocation project finished I made sure everything worked by starting the car. It ran fine, no fires, battery was charging, etc. So I called it a night. I woke up and went out to get coffee. It started right up and we made it to Dunkin Donuts. When we go to leave I try to start the car and... Nothing! Just a loud click and everything dies. No scangauge, nothing. I hop out to make sure I hadn't blow my fuses. All fuses were good, all connections good. I come back inside to see the scangauge is now back online and I at least have power to the car. Me and my girlfriend proceed to push the car so I can push start it. Starts right up and runs fine on the way home. I get home and it try to start it again. Same thing. Everything dies when I try to start it. No voltage to the scangauge or anything for awhile after I start it.

At this point I am suspecting the battery is finally toast. I had to drive my truck to work today and didn't have time to tinker anymore. When I get home tonight I'm going to jump the battery to make sure it's a voltage/battery problem and not the starter or my wiring.

What I assume is happening is that the starter drains the battery so low when I try to start it, that there isn't enough voltage to run the scangauge or any other accessories. After awhile the voltage climbs back up enough to turn the car accessories on and bump start the engine.

Just my luck!
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