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Yup, your pre-runner is higher than my base 2wd and the v6 is.... well.... a v6. Powerwise, I never found a limitation to the 160hp 2.7L 4 cyl. sure I can feel I tow something but at least, I don't have to fuel a v6 on my daily 50 miles commuting. I made a choice when I got the truck; I was selling a 1999 VW TDI going 50mpg @ 85mph with 195hp/360lb.ft available for my pleasure; I knew I didn't want to go v6 as the regular fuel in Canada is 5.67$ right now and was 3.70$ in april 2006. BUT I needed a pick-up as I used to carry the most ridiculous stuff in the Jetta's trunk; including engines and bricks.

what I love of the Tacoma is the comfort. it's as silent as in an european car but still feel tough as a truck.

My wife got a 2000 Suzuki Vitara 4 doors with the 2.0 4 cylinder (similar to the GMC Tracker). this little truck got the worst setup for fuel economy (according to manufacturers and car analysts). it's ladder frame, straight differential, mechanical transfert case, driveshafts.. all are supposed to be crap; not telling you the ground clearance, suv body and all... well, this truck is a regular 7.0L/100km (35mpg) runner. Still better than the more efficient front wheel drive cars out there and again better the the similar Honda CRV or RAV4 that are using a modern transaxle instead of the regular transmission in the Suzuki. and we are no hypermilers but 65mph highway drivers.
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