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Random Wind Tunnel and Smoke Pictures Thread

There is something reassuring and comforting about wind tunnel and smoke pictures, at least for me.

Post them if you have them.

Mercedes-Benz-Blog: The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet - TecDay Aerodynamic 2009 - PART X

Dodge - 2010 Ram 1500 - Design - Best In Class Aerodynamics

100 Year-Old Aerodynamics Problem Solved: Could Increase MPG Dramatically
By Ovidiu Sandru ..............September 27, 2008
100 Year-Old Aerodynamics Problem Solved: Could Increase MPG Dramatically - The Green Optimistic

MIT researchers discovered the solution to a problem put 100 years ago by Ludwig Prandtl. It refers to the situation when, for example, a car accelerates up and down a hill, then slows to follow a turn, and the airflow around it cannot keep up and separates from it. This aerodynamic phenomena creates an additional drag, slowing the car, and forcing you to push harder on the pedal, consuming more gas. The same applies to airplanes, boats, subs, and generally, any moving object following the rule mentioned above.
Around 50 images in this thread alone:
Car Wind Tunnel Data

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Chin Spoiler:

Rear Spoiler Pick Up Truck

Roof Wing
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