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Originally Posted by t vago View Post
It's hard to say, without viewing any sort of oscilloscope trace of your fuel injector signal, as you actuate your fuel cutoff switch. It would not be anything to worry about, I would think.
I'm not actually worried about it, just puzzled. I can't accurately calibrate my MPGuino because there is no set percentage that it is reporting over or under. I haven't changed the settings for a looooong while now, just to see how much the odometer & gas pump compared with the Guino. It's over AND under reported during said time, and I'm getting tired of feeling like I can't trust my instrumentation.

Is it even possible that tapping into the ECU for VSS and Injector pulse could give voltage readings that would be spiking erroneously upon activation of the kill switch? There may only be one way to know for sure, as you said.

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