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Originally Posted by Occasionally6 View Post
Before I read any of the posts, just the thread title, I was thinking: "The injectors are leaking.". After reading the posts, I still think that.

It only started after the injectors were cleaned, right?

One way to check is to pull the injectors, wipe their tips clean and pressurize the fuel system (run the fuel pump). After they have sat for a few minutes, wipe the injector tips with a facial tissue or toilet paper. That will show up even a small leak.

Do make sure that the injectors won't blow off the rail when subject to fuel pressure and in free air. Most are OK to do that with but if they're not, you'll have to wire them in place.
That is a good idea. It did start to do this on the same day I took the injectors to be cleaned. They did tell me that they were fine, maybe they didnt check them long enough.

I do know that the injectors will not stay in the fuel rail with the fuel pressure, so it is going to be hard to test, especially having to leave them pressurized for 15min. When I get time to check them I will. Thanks

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