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Originally Posted by Daekar View Post
Absolutely true! I find I tire less quickly since I've slowed down as well. It's funny... going fast (on curvy mountain roads) results in an enjoyable visceral experience, but it's going slowly under almost any conditions that rewards the driver with an enjoyable intellectual experience. There's a lesson in there somewhere but I haven't been driving slow long enough to have accumulated the wisdom to see it.
If only half the U.S.A population knew what you know about going just a little slower and did it willingly and lovingly half the time they drove on highways and anticipated things ahead of time too, Perhaps they would be a lot calmer on this planet and we'd have more time to just enjoy life.

Perhaps I should use this aspect to more things in my life like eating soup. (I have soup now, While typing that is.)

Speaking of which, This is off topic but the Foxfire books about people who lived in the hills (I'm not calling them hillbillies but some people have done that) gave me a very different insight about living and I've not read the books much. They mostly didn't use cars, From what I gathered. I'll stop talking about that here now.

Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
You don't have to deal with them - they'll overtake you when they realised you won't be going faster ...
It's been the same on I-80 and Rt. 28 in Pennsylvania, For me (Assuming that they realize I won't be going faster, That is.)

When I went 55ish on highways numerous times, Nearly everyone else who came close to me would pass the car. I did get a few people honking at me but only a few; Once was when I was only starting to go 55 and it was a truck driver so perhaps I slowed down in front of him, The second time was when I was going into an exit and might have been slowing down too early. And I even went 45ish on I-80 on some occasions - Nobody seemed to mind because they could pass.

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