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A couple years ago, I faced the decision to buy a small pickup truck or a small sedan as a daily driver. I ended up getting the car instead, for the fuel economy. I'm glad I made that decision, as my Saturn averages 34-35 mpg, compared to a small truck which might average 18-20.

To give my car some cargo capacity, I bought a set of roof racks and a small Harbor Freight trailer (the 4x4 ft with the 12" wheels). The total price for all that, including the hitch, registration fee, wiring harness, etc was under $500 (the 20% off coupon at HF helped). That's less than 6 months' operating costs for a small pickup.

I'd like to echo what some others have said about the HF trailers. Get the 12" wheels. Re-pack the bearings with *real* wheel bearing grease. And don't rely on painted chassis beams to function as a ground path for the lights.

I'd also like to add that instead of plywood, I used decking planks for the bed of the trailer. Plywood, even if pressure treated, tends to delaminate and fall apart. I got pressure treated decking, and gave it several coats of water sealer. It won't last forever, but will last a lot longer than plywood, at a fraction of the cost of diamond-plate.
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