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I look at the whole issue a bit differently, taking a negative view here, if the price of fuel goes up the poor stay closer to the cities and dont move to the outlying suburrbs, some people want that, if you make the percent of alcohol high enough you can remove a whole population of older cheaper cars off the road, leaving more room on the highways ,, but taking away mobility from the poor , already many people dont take joyrides anymore, I remember just going out for a ice cream etc , course it was wasteful but who is to say that , if you only did what was absolutly neccesary we,d all just be serfs, which of course is what some people want, the closer you get to socialism the closer you get to big government the stricter things become. not at all like the 60,s hippie promise. ethanol may play a role in removing older cars, especially since the advent of fuel injection seems to have doubled their lifespan,
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